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Islamic Society of Belconnen promotes the teachings of Islam

We facilitate the acquisition of Islamic knowledge through the medium of the Holy Qur’an and the teachings and traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

ISB also channels the resources for charity and humanitarian needs of communities, both locally and abroad.ISB also promotes good family relations in an effort to create a greater understanding of the welfare of the community.

Our Community

We aim to meet the ongoing needs of the Canberra Muslim community by promoting the teaching of the Quran and Sunnah, channeling resources for charity, and fostering good family relations.


We encourage creativity within the Canberra Muslim community and support educational and recreational projects that are beneficial for the community.


Canberra Muslim residents 18 years of age or over are encouraged to become members, the nomination is approved by the Management Committee.

Prayer Times

Prayer times Taqwa Masjid

Taqwa Masjid

ISB manages Taqwa Masjid, ensuring its maintenance and cleanliness.

Taqwa Masjid implements the five daily prayers and Salaat-ul-Jumu’ah (1pm) for both Brothers and Sisters.

ISB also organizes a wide array of community activities and programs.

For salah times and notifications please download the Taqwa Masjid app.

Charity collection

ISB facilitates the collection and distribution of charity, benefiting not only the masjid but also various other charitable organizations.

Weekly lectures

ISB conducts workshops, seminars, and Islamic lectures. Below are the current daily lectures

After Isha lectures:
Monday: Shiekh Ismail – short talk
Tuesday: Brother Ilias
Wednesday: Shiekh Ismail – Explanation of ‘The Creed of Al-Wasitiyyah’

Thursday: Imam Nordeen – Rulings on Takfeer
Friday: Shiekh Ismail – Tafseer of Juzu Tabaarak
Saturday: Q&A with Imam Nordeen
Brother Hassan Warsi‘Explanation of ‘Minor Resurrection’

Marriage counseling

ISB facilitates marriage counseling services. Imam is a registered marriage celebrant and is authorized to solemnise marriages in ACT. ISB also facilitates marriage registration throughout Australia.

Taqwa School Project

Please support us

You can show your support by either funding major projects, contributing to operational expenses (rent, maintenance), or dedicating your time as a volunteer in sub-committees, as well as making donations that will be allocated to Taqwa Masjid.