Currently the Gym program is on hold until futher notice
Training program includes both diet and exercise. Nutrition is key for success in bodybuilding and for reducing body fats. Age requirement is 13 - 65 years.
The program includes:
  • Teen Workout
  • Beginning Workout Plan 
  • Intermediate Workout Plan 
  • Advanced Intermediate Workout Plan 
  • Advanced Workout Plan
Why we should work out, according to the medical research, it:
  1. Increases strength
  2. Improves long term health
  3. Reduces bodyfat
  4. Increases cardiovascular fitness
  5. Increases bone strength
  6. Improves cholesterol levels
  7. Feel strong and happy
This workout is for everyone, doesn't matter if you are skinny, fat, weak or strong, young or old. There is a rumor that weight training stops height and growth, but there is no evidence.
For more information please contact brother Jauhar 0421693974.