Terms and Conditions

Summary of objectives

The purpose of Canberra Islamic Funeral Services(“CIFS”) is to provide financial relief to members for traditional Islamic burial services including the costing of the grave which can cost up to $8000.

Details and responsibilities will include:

(a) liaise with local Masjid and Islamic societies;

(b) liaise with grave yard;

(c) funeral prayer; and

(d) burial process.



To become a member, you must complete a membership form and pay an initial one-off payment of $100 (per person).

A trust account has been established for the collection of moneys. This trust will be administered by the nominated Trustees.

The trust account will be maintained by the good will of members. Moneys cannot be compelled of members. If the trust account falls below $16,000 at any given time (post initial collection period), all the members will be highly encouraged to make another contribution of $100. The accumulated membership fees will not exceed $7,500 (per person) at any given

1 Conditions

1.1 To provide financial relief to members for traditional Islamic burial services which includes the cost of the grave.

1.2 A Medical Certificate of cause of Death, must be provided should any member wish to make a claim against the CIFS.

1.3 The membership fee is only a friction of what will have to be paid in the event of death to members, and therefore, a member will not be able to withdraw that fee unless the organisation breaks one of the conditions signed by that particular member.

1.4 Each member must pay $100 initial membership fees.

1.5 Membership fee may proportionately increase in relation to the increase in the cost of burial services and members must accept any such increase.

1.6 If at any time, the trust account balance falls below $16,000, all the members will be encouraged to pay another contribution of $100 to keep the trust running. This fund is an accumulation fund; it is not insurance. Your membership therefore does not guarantee funeral funding however, every effort will be made to raise such funds in
the event CIFS does not have sufficient assets.

1.7 Members are only entitled to cover the standard and most basic costs for burying according to Sunnah.

1.8 In the event of a deceased newborn baby (less than one month old), CIFS will carryout the benefits of membership on condition that the immediate family of the deceased are all members and $100 is paid on behalf of the deceased to CIFS.

1.9 CIFS will not pay members directly. CIFS will manage what entities are paid and engaged to ensure maximisation of benefit and minimisation of expenditure.

1.10 CIFS will only support Islamic funeral services.

1.11 In the event of a member who died while inside or outside Australia, the family of this deceased member can ask the organisation to cover the funeral service fee for the deceased member under the condition where that family has provided all supporting documents (receipts, proof of payments etc) and evidence that the deceased member had already been taken care of from funeral service fee and other related procedures of up to a maximum tariff fee as known to Canberra Islamic Funeral Services (Standard cost according to current Mitchell cemetery).

1.12 The membership fee cannot be withdrawn / refunded.

1.13 The grave specifications and funeral rituals are to comply with Sunnah and ACT legislation.

1.14 There are no restrictions on membership on the basis that an individual is not an Australian citizen, is only a visitor or similar.

1.15 A member has to notify the organisation in case of any changes in membership details from the time of registration such as name, contacts and address details of the member (including other members from his/her family).

1.16 A member or their guardian is to sign the application form after reading and accepting the Terms of Reference (TOR).

1.17 Conditions in English are the only ones that are accredited and recognised by the organisation. (Conditions in Arabic will also be provided but they will be recognised as information only).

1.18 The CIFS executive committee reserves the right to amend any of the above terms and conditions if required. The CIFS executive committee will also ensure that the amendment complies with the Shari’ah obligations.